Battery Holster

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The holster is designed to house the EGO BA2240T 4.0Ah, Battery which is perfectly matched for use with the EGO Power+ Professional-X Top-handle Chainsaw, to deliver optimal torque and power for professional arborists. The safety-strop attachment integrates with the battery cable and belt or harness to keep you and your team safe in the trees.

Battery holster cable integrates with the safety strap to securely attach to the belt and harness. The new 4.0Ah battery has been designed with the optimal power-to-weight ratio for use by professional arborists. Attaches to operator's safety belt Attaches to hook on the chainsaw Safety strap integrates with battery cable Clips onto operators safety belt Attaches around operator's safety belt Battery holster compatible with any EGO ARC Lithium™ battery Connection method - Quick plug-in and out for EGO Power+ Professional-X tools. Adapter ADB1000 for all other EGO Power+ tools Carrying Handle - No - fixed to belt or harness Weight without battery - 1.1kg

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